Anonymous asked:

how come your scans look so good when i get scans at fotoriesel the quality is terrible ?

ondryass answered:

That doesn’t sound right at all. I’ve been getting everything scanned at fororiesel and the quality has been perfect. Do you think you could come off anon so I could find out some details, because your scans should be perfect as well.

I think the quality depends on a few things. If you camera is exposing properly scans at Fotoriesel are excellent but poor quality negs are hard to fix. I think their scanner does not cope well with profound under exposure (like shooting 100speed in a Holga on an overcast day). Also I have found less optimal results (ie garbage) with lomography branded film (my tumblr is almost 100% Fuji or Agfa 200) and challenging results with really contrasty monochrome. Also the monochrome I get back from Fotoriesel seems to have dust on it but don’t know if that’s me or them.

So I am waiting for the bike shop to open when I see this dark little space, intimate light, pretty things and curtains in the window. Its rainy and the shop is open so I go in. Gallery Serpentine, hosted by the beautiful Shannon. A specialist store in Handmade Noir they cater to the alternative, goth, steampunk and the fetish community. They make their own exquisite corsets and well as selling a number of dedicated similar styles from other small volume artisans. As a business model I am not sure about the early opening but I guess if you’re coming home from a party at 9am with a ripped bodice, this is your store.